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WebSite Auditor Professional 3.13


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WebSite Auditor Professional
On-page SEO can be easy. But what if you have a hundred pages' long site to take care of? Or an e-commerce Web portal with lots of landing pages? - Well, then it becomes hard.
But fear not! Grab WebSite Auditor and see how easy you on-page SEO becomes ("sexy" new design!) And, if it's easy already, the SEO app will make it even easier!
Download the award-winning on-page SEO tool now and:
- Quickly detect all the STRUCTURAL ISSUES on a site (crippling HTML, server response code errors, duplicate content, broken links, etc.).
- Get prompted ideal KEYWORD DENSITY for your page titles, meta descriptions, anchor texts, body text, etc.
- Generate a sleek XML SITEMAP for your site and have WebSite Auditor ping the search engines.
- Get a hand with solving your site's CANONICALIZATION and DUPLICATE CONTENT issues.
- Hit Google's TOP!
Besides, WebSite Auditor is multi-lingual and works on Windows, Linux or Mac.
See why thousands of webmasters around the globe choose WebSite Auditor - get a free copy of the SEO tool today!
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows Vista
WebSite Auditor Professional
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Author: SEO Software
License: Shareware
Price: $124.75
File Size: 77.5 MB
Downloads: 237

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